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Being a Dj, Like Being an Owner of a Radio Station, is Really Just Being a Business Owner…

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Before my career in radio, I started out as a mobile DJ.

I would lug all of my heavy equipment around, sound as well as custom light shows, along with all the CD’s of the music I would be playing–yes, there was a time that DJ’s had to carry around flight case’s full of physical CD’s!

My business evolved when mobile streaming began being integrated into DJ software and hardware that was coming out–utilizing mobile devices like the ipad, and the iphone.

But all of the is merely a description of how I went about delivering the product that I was actually selling in order to keep my business going, and that was my ability to get a party hoppin!

The business had it’s ups and downs, and looking back, it was all because I wasn’t ready to handle the business side of things and I underestimated the necessity of developing and implementing such skills.

Moving forward to owning my own radio station, the business side of things is much more appearany–in fact, it’s slapping me in the face on a daily basis in the form of payroll, insurance, taxes, inventory, advertising, receivables and payables out the “you know what”!

But I love it!  For some reason, the thrill of the risk on me betting on myself to bring money through the door is something I’ve grow to crave.  I live for it at this point.  And that’s exactly what I’m suggesting today’s hopeful self-publishing artists take–get obsessed with taking ownership of your dreams and jump out and make them happen!

Music is something that is never going to go away.  There will always be a demand for music no matter who’s president or what the economy looks like.  And as long as the creativity never gets sucked out of the collective consciousness, then people will always desire to connect with themselves and with each other through the avenue of an appropriate song.

Music is deep–much deeper than we would ever imagine without further research.

As an aspiring independent artist, if you can tap into your purpose–into the fact that your music can literally be responsible for healing–then you can tap into an unlimited amount of inspiration and energy in which to create and master your craft.

It is then up to you to get that message across by handling the business side of the music industry.

Yes, you got into this to create music, and that should always be your focus.  At the same time, you should be accountable for and able to maintain yourself, every single part of your business–that way, you’ll never be dependent on a single person or process to make sure your business succeeds.

If you’re running a Fishers Indiana tree service company, you want to know everything you can about trees, how to maintain them, how to maintain your trucks, etc. so that no one employee could ever extort your business.

If you’ve got an Indianapolis Indiana limo rental company then you need to know how to drive one, you should have a good idea about how to run a hospitality driven, commodity type business to make your efforts efficient as well as effective.

In all, I’m asking you to make the jump for the greater good of the universe.  We need your music, just like we’ve needed the artists before you.  Make it your duty and your obligation to promote your music after you create it, because it doesn’t matter how good you are if nobody is able to experience what you have to offer.

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