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Independent Musicians Buying Beats Online Have Changed the Music Industry

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A recent trend has taken the music industry by storm–this is a trend birthed by the internet, and one that is only in its infancy.

The trend that I’m talking about isn’t the “streaming epidemic” of music, brought to you in part by Spotify, Pandora and the like.  No, it actually goes deeper than that.

While streaming services have certainly given a platform the independent musicians, the possibilities that the internet has opened for people like this reaches far beyond being able to “pay to play” on the new “radio stations” of the internet.

The biggest trend in the music industry today is the ability of the average artist to buy rap beats online, make their own music in their own affordable homes studio, and then publish their content themselves via multiple streams that include, but are not limited to, the streaming services that are commonly used today.

The music industry has certainly been in the midst of a huge change, this much is undeniable.  But I challenge you to think of this change through the eyes of the radio industry.

While some people hate the radio for multiple reasons–whether it be hearing the same songs over and over or whether it be the constant commercials that seem to run; however, it cannot be denied that the birth and life of the radio has been an integral part of our history as humans.

Not only has the radio given  a platform for artists and organizations to promote their message, but it has defined generations by providing experience as well as conversation starters for years, and while these experiences and conversations may continue to happen in the future, it is questionable as to whether or not the radio itself will survive.

With the rise of the internet and places like YouTube, Snapchat and the like, we cannot deny that it has definitely made the world a smaller, more tight knit space in terms of sharing information.

A byproduct of the internet is the ability it has given all of its consumers to become their own publisher as well.

No longer does one need the finances and other resources of large firms to get the products and message of the artist together in a package that can be sold–we can do it ourselves via live streaming from our iphone or other camera.

While the internet is still in its infancy, the consumers of the internet are just now realizing the power that is available at our fingerprints.  We can use this publishing platform at our fingertips to actually create a living for ourselves by doing what we want to do and enjoying ourselves along the way.

Not only has the internet opened the door for independent publishing, but if you believe the rumors of the “music industry of old”–the rumors that have major labels focusing on revenue rather than quality of product–but the door has been opened for the independent artist to retain creative control as well.

This, along with other topics, will be the subject of my next post.

I thank you very much for reading, and look forward to your response–contact me here.


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